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INFM carries out interdisciplinary research activities in the field of physical sciences of matter and their technological applications. The Institute is now part of the National Research Council (CNR) and operates in close connection with Universities, and within international collaborations.
INFM operates through a wide scientific network of national and regional R&D Centers and Laboratories, in the following main areas:
  • the study of fundamental phenomena at the basis of the properties of matter and materials, which can open up  new fields of knowledge such as nanobiosciences, the science of complexity and quantum information;
  • the development of new concepts, methodologies, instruments and facilities for research and innovative applications in areas ranging from materials to life and information sciences and technologies;
  • the training of young students and researchers from highly advanced research fields within international and interdisciplinary contexts, and the follow up of their career in research or the job market;
  • the implementation of applied and industrial research projects in key sectors for economy and for the enhancement of the quality of life: innovative materials, devices and systems for electronics and telecommunication, for medicine, environmental control, cultural heritage, energy production and storage;
  • the promotion of knowledge and technology transfer to the national productive system, also within regional technological districts;
  • science communication and awareness activities, in particular on research and technologies developed in its laboratories, with institutions, schools, and the public at large.

The above activites are carried out in close collaboration with the academic scientific community, and particularly with the Interuniversity Consortium for the Physical Sciences of Matter (CNISM) . INFM operates within the CNR Materials and Devices Department , in close sinergy with all its Institutes and those of other thematical Departments.